About us

Edd & Marinaeddintheclouds antiques specialise in items we would be proud to own, working hard to source interesting and beautiful furniture with a real story.

Edd has been fascinated with antiques for as long as he can remember and at age 5 was already stomping boot sales for bargains to add to the first of his many changing collections. We’ve always felt there is something special about old things, which like the stories your grandparents tell you, instantly bring  a  two dimensional history into glorious technicolour.


LockersWhile Marina (Edd's wife) is good at steering the business in the right direction, Edd is never happier than when he is head down in a reference book, or at auctions and fairs handling items. We have good knowledge and experience of an eclectically  wide range of antiques including: WW1 militaria, modern first editions, early English furniture and carvings, gramophones, Tibetan antiques and furniture design classics.


There is something worthwhile about investing in antique furniture. Besides the importance of a lower carbon footprint for second hand furniture, its pleasing design remains as functional today as when it was made whether that is 20 or 200 years ago. Tortoise shell Tea CaddyIt becomes a member of the family while we own it, ages gracefully outliving the fads and trends our houses are subjected to, and in most cases- the quality invested in the construction means its able to outlive even the best of us.  At eddintheclouds antiques you also usually get a great talking piece to share with guests.

We look forward to trading with you ……..Edd & Marina